It doesn't matter where I came from. I know who I am. You found your way to WILDFIRE, the fanlisting for Keith, a fictional character from the hit Dreamworks animated series Voltron: Legendary Defender (VLD). Keith is the reluctant leader of Team Voltron, the Red Paladin who commands the Black Lion. If you're a fan, consider adding your name to the list below.

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A talented pilot who was unwittingly chosen to fight an intergalactic space war, Keith was initially seen to be a moody, antisocial, and temperamental teenager. Towards the end of the series, however, he grows up—and grows into—the leadership role that his friend and mentor, Shiro, always knew he could. More about Keith »


This site is simply a list of Keith fans all over the world. Think he's badass, too, and want to add your name? Simply fill out the form below.

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The Fans

  1. Ai~ (www) · Philippines
  2. Angie (www) · England
  3. Bobbi (www) · United States
  4. Erika (www) · Philippines
  5. Jess (www) · United States
  6. Kaily (www) · United States
  7. Kate (www) · United States
  8. LINDSAY (www) · United States
  9. Mishiro (www) · Malaysia